Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith
Prophet, Seer and Revelator

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Higher Purpose

On the surface, Zion's Camp looked like a failure, but if we look a little deeper it had a higher purpose. Nine of the first twelve apostles were on that march. Brigham Young was among the faithful. He watched Joseph Smith's leadership carefully. He said later of the experience that was where he first learned to lead Zion.

Brigham Young said, “I feel like shouting Hallelujah, all the time, when I think that I ever knew Joseph Smith." He loved the  Prophet Joseph with all his heart. What a blessing that Brigham Young was on that march.
What about your lives. Can you find the blessings in your difficult times? What is your higher purpose? How can you bless your fellowmen?

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  1. Great thought-provoking questions! There is always an opportunity for growth in our trials.