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Joseph Smith
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Brigham's Actions on Skipping School

Brigham had so many children of his own that he started a school for just his family. Don Carlos, Brigham’s son, cut school often because he loved to go with the men who drove Brigham’s wagons. When Brigham found out about it, he took Don Carlos to the barn and gave him a wagon hitched with two blind mules. Brigham told Don Carlos he could work hauling produce and ice around town, and bringing wood from the canyons.6 Guiding blind mules around the city was a difficult task, but Don Carlos was determined to succeed. He worked hard and accomplished the responsibilities given him.

Don Carlos soon became a good teamster, earning the right to drive the best team in the stables. At the age of twelve he was responsible enough to haul a load of wheat fifty miles north to Logan, Utah and back. However, he got tired of driving and was glad to get back to school.

Don Carlos graduated from the family school and then attended the University of Deseret in Salt Lake City. He went on to study in New York, obtaining a degree in engineering. He returned to Utah to pursue his interest in architecture. Being hired as Church architect, he was given the opportunity to redesign the towers of the Salt Lake Temple which were originally to be made out of wood covered with tin. He also designed the Church Administration Building on South Temple in Salt Lake, and the original Brigham Young University building in Provo.

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