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Joseph Smith
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Family Prayer at Brigham Young's Home

As the family grew older, there were times when his children, and even his wives, were out visiting with friends at prayer time. Brigham wrote a letter to his family, urging them to be home for family prayer. “When the time appointed for our family devotion and prayer comes, I am expected to be there; and no public business . . . has been able to influence me to forego the fulfillment of this sacred duty which I owe to you, to myself, and to God. . . .Your strict attendance to my wishes in this respect will give joy to the heart of your Husband and Father.”

After prayer, the family talked about their plans and activities. One night Brigham’s daughter Clarissa remembers he called all the children around and gave them each a brand new ten-cent bill. “It looked like a hundred dollars to me.” She was very excited because she didn’t often have money. From then on Clarissa tried never to miss family prayer.

Family devotion was important to Brigham. He taught that prayer should be a guide to our daily lives. He made it a priority to read the scriptures with his family and teach them to rely on Heavenly Father in all they did.

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