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Joseph Smith
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

John Taylor: A Mission to Great Britain

I have come five thousand miles without purse or scrip, and I testify to you . . . that the Lord has revealed Himself from heaven. John looked forward to missionary service, and he was eager to share the gospel. He said, “I feel the word of the Lord like fire in my bones.” The Lord gave a revelation to Joseph Smith, saying that the apostles were to serve a mission to Great Britain. They were to leave from Far West, Missouri, on April 26, 1839. It was the first of the year, 1839; all the apostles and their families had been driven out of Missouri and fled to Illinois. The Missouri mob heard about this revelation and was determined to keep it from being fulfilled. The apostles knew there would be trouble if they returned. Some of the brethren suggested they start from Illinois and not Missouri where they had suffered persecutions. John knew he needed to fulfill the prophecy made by Joseph Smith. So, obedient to Heavenly Father’s will and with faith that the Lord would protect him, he decided he must return to Far West. The other apostles decided to go also.

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