Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith
Prophet, Seer and Revelator

Saturday, June 16, 2012

While in New York, Elder Pratt wanted to publish his Voice of Warning, and asked the others if they had any money. John said he had plenty of money. “If you could furnish me with two or three hundred dollars, I should be very much obliged,” Brother Pratt said. “You’re welcome to all I have.” John pulled a single penny from his pocket. “But – I thought you said you had plenty of money?” “Yes, and so I have. I am well clothed, you furnish me plenty to eat and good lodging. With all this and a penny over – is that not plenty?” John and Elder Pratt laughed together. Even though John knew he had to have money for the ship leaving for England in six days, he was not worried. He prayed that the Lord would provide. “How will you get the money,” Elder Woodruff asked. “Oh, there will be no difficulty about that. Go and take a passage for me . . . and I will furnish you the means.” John received the money just in time to sail to England, fifteen dollars for steerage passage which was the way poor immigrants travelled – in an open section of the hull below the lower deck with no privacy, no bedding, the stench of being with many people in close quarters, and only the clothes he brought with him.

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