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Joseph Smith
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Friday, February 1, 2013

Burned Cricket Paste. Yuck!

Brother George Bean came to visit John with an old Goshute Indian who called himself a medicine man. The Indian told John that many of his tribe were dying of the white man’s disease of measles. He asked for a blessing for Yellow Bird, the twelve-year-old son of Chief Little Face. John and Brother Bean went with the medicine man and blessed Yellow Bird. The boy recovered.
The grateful Indians brought gifts of moccasins and gloves along with sego lily and camus bulbs, thistle roots, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, and wild honey. The Indians told John where to gather more. John’s prayers were answered. There was also a bag of meal that his family liked. John wanted to know how to make it, and the Indians showed him. They encircled a field with fire and burned the brush along with lots and lots of crickets. As the crickets roasted in the fire, the Indians gathered them and then ground them up, mixing them with honey for a delectable meal that could be made into cakes.
This is not delectable meal in my book!

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