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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wouldn't it be nice if God did our work for us?

Wouldn’t it be nice if God did our work for us?
As Brigham Young and the first pioneer company prepared to cross the Platte River, he could see that the water was running high. 

The men tried to ferry the first wagon across, but the water threatened to topple it and dash it to pieces. Next Brigham had the men lash several wagons together. The rushing river did the same thing.
“Let’s build a raft,” said Brigham.
The men gathered the small timbers near the river.
The river toppled that raft like it was made of match sticks.
“We have to go into the hills to cut larger logs,” said Brigham.
The men of the company made their way into the mountains and cut larger trees. After skinning off the branches and hauling them down to the river, the pioneers lashed them together. The heavier raft held, and they ferried the wagons across the water.
“That was a lot of work,” said one.
“Why didn’t the Lord just part the waters for us like He parted the Red Sea for Moses?” asked another.
“Wouldn’t it be nice if God did our work for us?” asked Brigham. “He has done His share by giving us the trees to build the raft and the horses to haul them to the river.” (DBY, 228)
Brigham’s response reminded me of Nephi getting the brass plates from Laban. The Lord didn’t just hand them over. It took Nephi several attempts to get them, and finally he had to kill Laban.
One of the things the Lord wants us to know is how to work hard to solve our own problems. Sometimes when I forget this principle, I am grateful for living prophets to remind me of my purpose here in life.
(I know this isn't a picture of the Platte River,but it's what I had--sorry!)

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