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Joseph Smith
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Brigham Young, Tired, Cold, and Hungry

Brigham Young's father owned a maple tree orchard.Early one spring, Brigham and Lorenzo were left to tap the trees for the sap while their father was out of town. The boys worked hard all day. When the sun began to set the boys  tramped toward home, tired, cold and hungry. They knew their was nothing in the house to eat--not even a bit of flour.

Brigham saw a small robin flitting from tree to tree. "Stay here, Lorenzo," whispered Brigham. That's our dinner. Brigham hurried home to get the gun. He shot the robin and they had watery bird broth soup for their dinner.

When the Saints came West, Brigham already knew what it was to be tired, cold and hungry.

Here's a picture from the book, Texting Through Time, A Trek with Brigham Young. Fun read about the prophet's life, including little known stories like this one.

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