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Joseph Smith
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Guardian Angels

Here is a great quote by Brigham Young at Mary Fielding Smith's funeral. What a treasure.

Brigham Young

The Lord watches over you. You need not suppose for a moment [that] the Lord’s eye [is] not upon you. The angels [are] round about you and they will take care of you, and you may be peaceful and contented. … Every good man and woman … [is] in the hands of [the] Lord. They are before him, his eye upon them, his angels round about them that they might endure afflictions, suffer pain [and] buffeting by Satan, pass through scenes of afflictions enough to wring their natural hearts out of them, comparatively. Yet God [will] take care of them” (Sept. 23, 1852, Mary Fielding Smith’s funeral).

December Ensign, 57.


  1. I've felt angels keeping an eye on me and even helping me get up the stairs at school with a heavy pack on my back it's awesome how the Lord helps us out in life