Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith
Prophet, Seer and Revelator

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Danger, Lorenzo Snow, Danger

Danger, Lorenzo Snow, Danger

Lorenzo Snow and his sister, Eliza R. Snow, accompanied George A. Smith on a trip to dedicate the Holy Land for the return of the Jews. On the way, they stopped in Napels, Italy. The group hired a guide to take them to the mouth of Mt. Vesuvius even though there had been a small eruption the day before. Hiking up the the volcano was difficult for the path had a foot of ash and sand on it. When the party reached the top, they peered into the gaping mouth of the hot bubbling volacano. They all threw rocks over the edge of the crater. The rocks took 30 seconds to reach the bottom. Several of the party climbed up to a rock ledge the jutted out into the crater. They threw sticks into the burning inferno and watched them blaze into nothing in seconds.

How dangerous is that? Especially since the volcano exploded only the day before!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brigham Young the Inventor

Did you know that Brigham Young worked for a shop that painted boats? It was a difficult task to crush the dye to color the paint so he invented a dye crusher. The shop owner thought it was a great invention.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Music and Dance

Brigham Young's mother loved to sing and enjoyed parties. Brigham himself loved to sing and dance. When the new meeting house was finished at Winter Quarters, Brigham dedicated it and then held a dance.

In the Salt Lake Valley Brigham encouraged the Saints to sing and dance. He built the Salt Lake Theater with nails he bought from Buchanan's army when they left the valley for the Civil War.

He wanted everyone to work hard, but also have time for play.

Indian Delicacies

The Indians gave John Taylor a delicious paste, sweetened with honey. His family loved it! They had just arrived in the Salt Lake Valley and were tired of eating dried beef and flour cakes. John asked the Indians how they made the sweet treat. An old Indian showed him. First they encircled a field with fire. As it burned toward the middle, the crickets hopped into the center and were roasted crispy and brown. The burned crickets were crushed into a paste and honey was added. How much of the paste do you think they ate after they found out how it was made?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Missionary Work in India

Did you know that Lorenzo Snow was the first Apostle to think about missionary work in India? He sent missionaries there and they baptized almost 200 people.

Brigham Young in Person

Did you know that Brigham Young became very good at doing house work? Since his mother had tuberculosis, he learned to do dishes, clean the house, do the wash, make beds, make bread. When he was older he bragged that he could do housework as well as anyone.

Brigham and the Cow

Did you know that Brigham Young's mother had tuberculosis when he was young so his older sister Fanny took care of him? Brigham loved Fanny. She was his favorite. The cow also loved Fanny. The cow liked Fanny to milk her better than anyone else. So every morning and evening, Fanny cradled Brigham on her hip while she milked the cow.