Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith
Prophet, Seer and Revelator

Friday, February 3, 2012

Coming to America

Finally at the age of twenty-four, John was ready to leave for Canada. He heaved his trunk up on the ship’s deck and stood the near the railing. The crowd on the dock hunched their shoulders against the wind. Dark clouds blanketed the sky. As his vessel sailed out to sea, a great storm arose. Several boats were dashed to pieces in fierce winds, and the crew of John’s ship prepared for their craft to go down any minute. But John wasn’t worried. He knew Heavenly Father wanted him to preach the gospel in America. He had faith he would arrive safely.

John climbed onto the deck at midnight. Lightning crackled, shattering the sky with brightness. Rain and cold pelted him. The wind ripped at his clothes. Everyone else was afraid. But John said, “I felt as calm as though I was sitting in the parlor at home. I believed I should reach America and perform my work.”

Weeks later, John landed safely in New York harbor and then made his way to Toronto, Canada, where his parents lived. There he joined the Methodist Church and began to preach about Christ.

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