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Joseph Smith
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Leonora Cannon

Leonora Cannon, a pretty English lady, belonged to the same church study group John did. Leonora had grown up in a privileged family and was chosen to be a companion to the wife of Lord Aylmer, Governor General of Canada. As companion to the governor’s wife, she had attended many social events of the upper class society of Canada. She was refined, very religious and well educated. She and John became friends and enjoyed talking about the Bible. John fell in love with her and asked her to marry him, but Leonora said no. She knew John would always work for a religious cause and wondered if she really wanted that kind of life. Besides, he was twelve years younger than she was.

John was disappointed; age and rank in society didn’t matter to him. He still saw Leonora at study group; she was beautiful. However, a short time later, Leonora had a dream where she saw herself with John. She knew the message came from God. Their courtship blossomed. John was in love and so was she. They were married January 28, 1833.

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